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Thursday, January 08, 2009

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What Bluetooth Can Do For You

The Amazing Wireless Bluetooth Headset

By Lee MacRae

You are no doubt aware that some states and provinces in North America have enacted laws that requires any person driving and using a cell phone has to use a hands-free phone headset. There are three types of cell phone headset kits for cars - portable car kits, permanent car kits or the simple ear headset. By far the most practical option is a bluetooth enabled wireless headset because it allows complete freedom and because headphones work well in the office and at home as well. To have you understand more, follow along as this article will discuss how a Bluetooth enabled headset will make life much easier.

These days, portable, lightweight head phones, called ear buds are more and more popular when it comes to wireless headsets. A number of Bluetooth headset users prefer this style as opposed to the standard over the head style. But since everyone's ears are different many folks find them becoming uncomfortable when worn a long period of time. For that reason, when you choose a Bluetooth earbud take the time to try a few different ones to find ones that are comfortable. Some Bluetooth headset manufacturers offer ear buds in various configurations to offer choice to individuals. Of course, if you can't find an ear bud that fits comfortably on/around your ear don't forget the standard over the head variety or a more comfortable behind the neck style.

Bluetooth technology also offers wireless transmission of clear, full stereo sound. And let's talk for a minute about another interesting use of the technology. Hearing aid users normally have difficulty talking on a mobile phone for a number of reasons, like the interference created once the cell phone is pressed to the hearing aid itself. Bluetooth technology is being used to send a signal to a small device around a person's neck which then sends an unfiltered, clear and crisp signal to the hearing aid. This is all accomplished with wireless Bluetooth technology.

When you do a headset comparison, what you need to evaluate are cost, facility to use and ergonomics. The headset needs to be comfortable to use, relatively easy to handle and something you can afford. If all these requirements are met, you have found the right headset for your needs. Go get it! And once you do you'll enjoy watching all those others fumble with their wired headsets.

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Some Bluetooth Infomration

Bluetooth headsets are a stylish way to talk hands-free and can even eliminate background noise. The MOTOPURE H12 allows users to have clear phone conversations in dynamic noise environments because two microphones separate the user's voice from background and wind noise to enhance his or her voice for a natural-sounding conversation. It is also one of the best-looking and comfortable Bluetooth headsets on the market today.
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While most of the US is just getting their first glimpse of the Neonode N2, we've got the Neonode N2.5 for you dear readers. We were assured that this engineering prototype features a heftier battery to offset complaints raised by N2 owners. The other complaint -- lack of 3G data -- is also solved. It will also feature A2DP-enabled Bluetooth 2.1 (yes, 2.1) when its ships (no time specified) and a big fat 3G radio of unspecified type. Thing is, this time, the N2.5 is specifically targeted at the US market with Neonde already starting to sort through the carrier quagmire in order to bring it to market. WiFi? Maybe, that all depends upon the carrier's demands. Other than those changes, it features the same UI and touch screen technology of the tiny N2 which is fine by us. The only question now is how consumers react to it's new chubby profile.
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News About Bluetooth

Mitec Announces First Point-to-Point Fixed Wireless Agreement from Telecom Customer

Wed, 07 Jan 2009 00:00:00 EST
Mitec Telecom Inc. (TSX: MTM) announced that it has received the
first purchase agreement for fixed wireless components from a new customer and
leading telecom provider. This is related to a general supply agreement that
the company announced in November 2008. It is the first in a series of
agreements that Mitec expects to receive from this customer over a long-term


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